When you want to insulate your beverage you probably reach for any old beer koozie, but why not mix things up a little, why not become Mr. Original amongst your beer guzzling friends? To do that all you need is one of these fantastic custom leather beer koozies from Parlor Tailing & Goods, handcrafted uniquely for you.

The custom possibilities with these koozies are endless. You can choose the color of the koozie leather (tan, black suede, burgundy, grey), the color of the leather patch (tan, grey, burgundy, motorcycle black), and even choose your own rivets (round nickel, round brass, round gunmetal, pyramid nickel, pyramid gold).

The customization does not end there, because it is also possible to choose what is branded onto the leather patch with a choice of fonts available, while there is also a choice of thread color, between white and black. The standard koozies range from between $25 and $30, but you can add $5 and open up the full customization options.

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