iPhones are one of the most popular phones on the market, and with good reason, they are easy to use and work well. They can do almost anything and everything you need them to do. One of the best features about iPhones is that there is an app for just about anything you can think of!

So if we told you that you could get apps that help organize your life, apps that made your photos look even better than they already did, or even games that were fun and challenging, would it get your attention? We thought so! Here are 20 must-have apps for your iPhone.


There are a lot of widgets that you can download for your iPhone, but WidgetSmith has to be one of the best ones available because it allows you to create your own widgets and customize them how you want them. The possibilities are endless! This app is perfect for people who love their phones but hate wasting time finding new apps or making things work. This widget creator takes all the hassle out of making them yourself.


One of the best apps to get if you love taking videos is TikTok. It’s available for download on iOS and Android. If you are big on video editing and adding music to your recordings, this is definitely one of the most fun ones out there. The application allows you to create your own original content with ease to share it however you want with others.


SparkMail is an app that helps you manage your emails from different accounts in one central hub. This app is perfect for those who have a lot of email addresses because it makes it easy to store and organize everything. You can even take notes on the side if you need to too! It’s a great way to make sure everything looks professional and organized, especially if you are going back and forth with clients or colleagues.


Viber is one of the best messaging apps for iPhone, and it’s easy to see why. If you love sending photos, videos, or just simple text messages, then Viber should definitely download and try out. In addition, the app allows you to connect with anyone else who has a device that supports the app, making keeping in touch easy. Speaking of keeping in touch, this is also a great way to keep up with your loved ones living abroad because you can send them messages for free.

Tinder (Singles Only)

If you love to date and find new people, this is definitely an app for you. Tinder is a dating app that makes finding new people easy and convenient. All you need to do is sign up using your Facebook profile, then swipe right on profiles that look interesting and swipe left on those that don’t. If someone swipes right on you as well, then it’s a match, and they can message you! It’s simple and effective, which means it has to be one of the best apps out there, if not the best dating app out there. However, if regular and traditional dating methods are not for you, there are plenty of dating apps available for people who are looking for something more like sugar daddy apps.


Many people like to read, and Libby is definitely an app that can help if you’re one of those people. It allows you to borrow ebooks from the library without having to worry about late fees anymore! All you need to do is sign up with a valid email address, search for your local library and start borrowing. In addition, you can download these ebooks, so they are available offline, which means you have plenty of reading material wherever you go. This app is perfect for avid readers who want something affordable and accessible.


Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms because it’s easy to use and free. Tweetbot is an app that allows you to get the whole Twitter experience on your iPhone with ease. You can download this right from your phone store for free, which means you have nothing to lose if you are looking for a new way to keep up with all your friends on Twitter. If you are tired of Twitter’s regular interface, then this is definitely something worth trying out.

Paprika Recipe Manager

There are plenty of recipe apps out there, but Paprika Recipe Manager is definitely one of the best ones. If you love cooking, this app provides a wide variety of recipes for anyone who wants to try new things. It has all kinds of different dishes that you can make, and it even includes nutritional information, so you know exactly what’s going into your food. This helps if you are trying to lose weight or follow certain dietary restrictions because it makes meal planning easier than ever before.


Do you have a lot of logins for different apps and services? Well, if you do, Authy may be the perfect app for you. This is because it can help sync your logins to all of your devices so that you don’t have to remember every single one. All you need to do is install this app on all of your devices, even your computer, and keep them synced up with ease. So now, when you want to login in somewhere else or use an account on another device, everything should already be there, which makes logging in fast and easy.


Reddit is one of the most popular forums online because it’s easy to use no matter who you are. This allows people from all kinds of backgrounds to join the conversation, which means you get to see new perspectives on important topics. You can use this interface right from your computer, but the app makes it easy to use on the go, so you have more time for yourself when you are not at home. Now just about anyone can get involved with Reddit without having to worry about being overwhelmed.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is one of the most popular email apps because it’s easy to use, and it makes staying in touch with family, friends, classmates, or co-workers convenient. Furthermore, you can download this right from your phone store for free, which means you have nothing to lose if you are looking for a new way to keep up with all your emails. In addition, it has several different features that will help you stay organized while on the go, so it’s worth giving a shot even if you think Outlook isn’t really for you.


Venmo is a free iPhone app that allows you to make and receive payments from friends. It’s sort of like PayPal but has fewer features. Using Venmo is straightforward; download the app, connect your bank account or debit card, and start making payments. You can use this for all sorts of things, like paying back your roommate’s rent or splitting dinner with friends.

Venmo offers many additional cool features too. For example, you can send ideas on what payment type you want to send next (like picking up the tab at an upcoming happy hour). And if your friend doesn’t have the app installed on their phone, they will be sent a link via email that’ll allow them to pay directly through Venmo’s website without installing anything.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular map apps out there because it’s easy to use on all kinds of devices. This means that you can use this app right from the phone in your pocket to find exactly where you are going without any hassle. You can even mark specific locations as favorites so they are easier to get to next time or send them to others if someone else needs to be there. Google Maps makes getting from A to B much easier than ever before, perfect for those who are always on the go!


OpenTable is an app that makes it easy for people with busy schedules to enjoy a fine dining experience. It allows you to book reservations at some of the best restaurants in just about any city out there. You can also see the wait times for different places if you are already standing around and need to kill some time before a table becomes available. The OpenTable app makes finding the perfect place to eat quick and easy, which is why it’s one of the most popular out there at this point in time.


Do you want to watch your favorite TV shows without having to pay for cable? Sling may be just what you need then because it allows you to sign up for their service, including dozens of popular channels that people love. All you have to do is download this right onto your phone or tablet so you can take it with you wherever life takes you. Then when you get home, watch live TV or even go back and watch any show that you missed. This app makes private watching easy, which is why it’s one of the most popular around at this point in time.


Trello is one of the most popular apps for people who are looking to stay organized because it’s easy to use no matter what your skill level may be. You can create different boards for all kinds of things, whether you are planning a vacation, need to get through your online coursework together, or want an easier way to keep up with work while on the go. Trello makes staying ahead while on the move possible, so if you have been struggling before, maybe it will work out better once you switch over!


Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps because it’s relatively simple to use, and it features real-time updates that can help you avoid accidents, traffic jams, or other problems. This means you will not be stuck in any one place for too long, so getting where you need to go should take less time than ever before. In addition, you can sign up quickly right from your phone store for free and then spend less time worrying about how late you are running while on the road!


Twitter is an app that makes staying connected with friends and being updated about events and news easier than ever before. It allows people to post short status updates about their lives which others can respond to or retweet out into the world. Often, celebrities join Twitter as well, which means you may be able to see some of the latest updates from celebrities close up, no matter where they are in the world. Twitter makes it possible for people to feel like they know someone even if they have never met them before.


Zillow is an app designed with real estate in mind, and homeowners will love having this on their phone or tablet. It allows you to check out estimates of your home’s current worth and also lets you explore homes that other people currently own in your area. You can even get a list of agents working near you so that when it does come time to sell, you have all the help that you need right at hand! Zillow helps people who want more from their homes find just what they are looking for.

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most popular apps for anyone who loves digital photography or taking pictures on their phones. It allows you to back up your photos in the cloud, so you never lose them, even if your phone becomes damaged with water or breaks altogether. You can also create albums, slideshows, and collages that are easy to share with others who may need a visual reminder of what’s going on in your life. Google Photos takes photo sharing to the next level!


There are so many different apps out there that it can be challenging to find the right ones for you. Hence, this list to help you choose the apps you will love until the end of time! With thousands of apps available these days, no matter your interests, chances are excellent that there is an app out there for it.