Only 15 miles from Bora Bora, this breathtaking French Polynesia private island is a 20-acre piece of land draped in tropical flowers, lush vegetation and coconut palms. It is located on the edge of a beautiful reef that surrounds two other islands called Raiatea and Tahaa, and it is an ideal spot for both private living and luxury resort development. It is currently listed for sale at $9.5 million.

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At the moment there are a number of ready-to-use buildings on site, including an owners’ bungalow, dining and socializing bungalow, sports bungalow, caretakers’ house, utility buildings, and three extra beach bungalows for guests. The facilities are highly sustainable, with hot water and electricity relying on solar power, and fresh water coming from the island’s natural coral filtered well.

The nearest village is only a five minute boat ride away, and it is located on the nearby Tahaa Island. Government offices, medical facilities, restaurants, food and other supplies can all be found in the village, but if you need to reach other some other more distant settlements and cities, a 25-minute boat ride will take you to the Raiatea airport, from where you can continue your journey to wherever you need to be.

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