Based in Sante Fe, New Mexico, the custom Mercedes build team called Europa G. Wagen have a strong passion and believe that the best ATV ever created was the Mercedes Gelaendewagen. So strong is their belief that they have turned fine-tuning and tweaking this classic Merc into a lifelong body of work.

Of all Europa’s creations though, the 1999 Mercedes-Benz G500 SWB Europa is probably one of the best examples of their work and was recently put up for auction and sold.

With all Mercedes G-Class vehicles there came a V8 engine and this is still intact, bringing its 300 horsepower to the party too. The rest is of Europa’s expert devising. There is a 5-speed automatic transmission connected to the engine that drives power through each of the 4 wheels, to allow the user the chance to put this vehicle to good use in overland and offroad settings.

There are beautiful new wheels with powder-coating that come directly from the manufacturer, a shorter wheelbase, tinted windows and red painted callipers. And to top it all off, a brand new stereo featuring USB-connectivity. Since leaving its dealers, the car has racked up 91,000 miles but doesn’t look it.

Although auction closed on this recently, it is still easy to marvel at it.

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