J&L Fabricating in Puyallup, Washington got the opportunity to rebuild and refurbish a piece of Ford Motor Company history. Ford’s first 4x4s started out as standard delivery trucks but were sent to Marmon Harrington to have the drive-train developed for 4 wheel drive.

The resultant Ford F1 Ranger Marmon Harrington ($NA) was rare with only 52 built between 1949 and 1952. Of the 11 left, this 1951 F1 Ranger model is one of only two that has been returned to its original splendor. It is as original as possible; from the 239 cubic inch V-8 flathead engine to the four sliding side windows, the two rear benches, the exquisite wood paneling & the old-school brown upholstery, and the Ford Sheridan Blue paint finish. This beauty already has an owner, so the rest of us can just drool over the pictures!