Akin to the surge in demand for American whiskey, drinkers all over the world are now infatuated with tequila. This Mexican spirit constantly makes headlines as prominent distilleries — both in South and North America — regularly release new expressions for people to sample and enjoy. 1800 just so happened to drop something fresh dubbed the GuachiMonton.

Blanco is probably the most popular type of tequila as mixologists consider it ideal for cocktails and other alcoholic concoctions. Perhaps another part of its appeal is the purity of the tasting notes as it typically never undergoes aging. As such, everything relies on the quality of ingredients and recipe followed.

The GauchiMonton — as 1800 officially describes — is “the first (and only) añejo tequila to be finished in orange tequila liqueur casks.” While resting inside these seasoned containers, it’s also developing a distinct amber hue with hints of copper and gold. Before we go into more detail, let’s learn about what inspired this venture.

As noted by press materials, the GuachiMonton is a tribute to the Los Guachimontones circular pyramids in Jalisco, Mexico. The material used to build these structures is red clay soil, which is also where blue weber agave proliferates. To visually convey this, 1800 ships this tequila inside a red ceramic vessel with a round wooden cap.

They’re bottling it at 80 proof and 750 ml. We weren’t able to sample this tequila personally, but 1800 published the tasting notes for reference. Once popped open, the GuachiMonton exudes aromas of ripe fruit, caramel, honey, wood, and fresh citrus orange. Oddly, the flavor is listed as “velvety, soft, pleasantly bitter.” It then leaves your mouth with the essence of orange.

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Images courtesy of 1800 Tequila