Following ADRO’s recent release of bespoke body kits for the BMW M3 and M4, we have something for Lamborghini Urus owners. To be honest, the stock silhouette by the Italian marque is already sleek and sporty. It perfectly expresses the high-performance attributes of the SUV, but 1016 Industries is ready to serve clients who demand more than what the manufacturer can offer with the Vision body kit.

While buyers can go full bespoke via Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program, some aftermarket outfits have more attractive designs available. By default, the Urus already touts some parts in carbon fiber with optional add-ons via the company’s Accessori Originali. What 1016 Industries markets endows the vehicle with an exotic profile.

This is the revamped Vision collection which introduces more aggressive outlines. To suit various personal tastes, the parts are available in the iconic composite weave or forged versions. The announcement of this refresh comes shortly after the carmaker unveiled the Performante and S trims for the super SUV.

Hence, those who recently purchased the Urus’ latest variants can still deck them out with the 1016 Industries Vision kit. The selection includes an outer door trim, race hood, widebody fenders, mirror caps, side skirts, front aero lip, front upper lip, side vents, front forks, hood mesh front bumper uprights, AC vents, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, roof spoiler, and symbol holder.

“With the official announcement of the Urus S Performante, we now have the opportunity to give the Vision project the facelift it deserved,” says Peter Northrop — 1016 Industries Founder and CEO. “Our revolutionary kit includes an updated hood plus new flares and a custom front lip to compliment the new factory styling.”

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Images courtesy of 1016 Industries