Fern & Roby Montrose Turntable

As the unique sound of vinyl establishes itself in history for the second time, the modern turntable has begun to exhibit characteristics that were totally unknown when in their heyday.  A prime example of this is the new Fern & Roby Montrose Turntable( ($4,950).  While it’s belt-driven like traditional turntables, the Montrose uses a precision-cut optical interrupter wheel to determine the speed of the platter 48 times per revolution for unparalleled playback accuracy.

Another development that makes this modern turntable a superior playback system for vinyl is the Unipivot tonearm developed for quick adjustment via the two hex wrenches provided.  Finally, for best results, the base sits on 4 top-accessible leveling feet and a Sorbothane cork isolation pad!

Just like their other turntables, each Fern & Roby Montrose is individually hand-crafted to assure the highest build & sound quality.