Dry Brew Coffee Chews

The quest to create a tasty and effective candy-like coffee has just been concluded by Dry Brew. Their creation, the Dry Brew Coffee Chews ($17 for 15pcs), are small and convenient and most importantly, taste just like the coffee they are made from.

Dry Brew holds the only US patent to make their Flavorful Waterless Coffee by a unique process that condenses the contents of a 6-ounce cup of joe into a chewable form.  The only ingredients are real coffee complete with its natural caffeine, non-dairy creamer, and a zero calorie sweetener.  Each piece has 35 calories and provides the same 65mg of caffeine as the equivalent liquid coffee (an espresso shot is 212 mg).

For very active and hectic lifestyles, the Dry Brew Coffee Chews provide the same pick-me-up without the complication of having to make the coffee yourself.  The only drawback to these flavorful morsels is the temptation to eat it like candy.  It is coffee and it does contain a full compliment of caffeine, so don’t overdo the pleasure! 8-9 a day should be fine…