pencil+ 1

It was about time the good ‘ol wooden pencil got a design upgrade (some of us still use it!).  It finally came in the form of pencil+($TBA),  a wand they call “The last sharpener, extender, eraser and holder your pencil will ever need.”

Made of your choice of beautiful, fine woods, like teak, ebony, wild olive, african padauk or Indonesian redwood, the brilliant multitool extends any length/type of pencil to its full size, so you can use it until its last breath, or as they say “until it retires at 14mm.”  In addition to providing an authentic feel, pencil+ has an integrated sharpener, and a hidden eraser.  All you need to provide is lots of paper and creativity.  Available soon to preorder, at Kickstarter.

pencil+ 2

pencil+ 4