Durden Pheromone Enhanced Bar Soap

If you want to attract women like bees to a honeypot, the Durden Tactical Soap ($11.00) might help you achieve that. Just make sure you can handle all the extra attention…

Inspired by Tyler Durden, the famous bad boy from “Fight Club”, this bar is infused with a proprietary pheromone formula (Androstenone & Androsterone), designed by a Clinical Psychologist. Unlike the soap from the movie, it doesn’t contain any left-over drained human fat. Instead, it holds all-natural ingredients such as olive oil, almond, shea butter, ginger grass, lime, and cedarwood for that nice manly fragrance. It won’t give you Brad Pitt’s muscular body, but it promises to enhance your alpha status, masculinity, charisma, and all the other virtues that make the ladies go nuts for you. It should also come with a sticker that says: Use with caution!

Durden Pheromone Enhanced Bar Soap 1