Beautiful to behold and built with stunning attention to detail, the SevenFriday P2 Watch is a masterwork of a timepiece. Composed of an array of high-end materials, this watch is a vision of cool, and we especially love the working cogs and gears that propel this time-teller. The P2 ($1190) features a beautiful face, with a dial made up of 5 pieces and layers, while it has 11 different applications.

The watch comes in an exquisite stainless steel box, while the timepiece is available in a variety of colors and finishes.,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,gift,ideas,travel,alexa,entertainment,google,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,luxury, watches,,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,gift,ideas,travel,alexa,entertainment,google,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,luxury, watches,,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,gift,ideas,travel,alexa,entertainment,google,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,luxury, watches,