Telescopes have always been interesting pieces of equipment since they were first invented in the early 1600s. Things have come a long way since then, and even the most impressive, spec-wise, lack a level of pizzazz that attracts those who do not want the clunky and very scientific-looking equipment. The Znth AR Telescope is not one of those kinds.

As well as being available to purchase in an exciting range of different colors to suit the mood, tone and decor of your home or office, it should be noted that this is not a run-of-the-mill telescope. Using AR technology and the bountiful goodness that it brings, this telescope can identify with precision various bodies in outer space including: constellations, stars, satellites, planets, nebulas and even other galaxies.

Along with its motion-tracking capability, the AR layers what you are seeing with detailed and insightful information and data. This means that you will no longer boldly go looking where you haven’t the foggiest what is going on, and what blobs of gases are what. Furthermore, thanks to the Vantablack super-black pigment coating on the scope’s inside, this classy scope gives you clearer visuals than ever.

So if you want to look up to the sky and actually make sense of our wondrous universe, now you can with this ultra-slick telescope!