Tokyo-based architecture firm Yuko Nagayama & Associates transforms tents into works of art in these tear-dropped shaped tents found within a white birch forest in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. The shape of the tents makes it possible to look up at the sky and marvel at the surrounding natural structures for an immersive experience with the wooded topography.

The tents are part of the Hokuto Art Program Ed. 1, an event where creatives from all over Japan showcase their unique tent designs. Yuko Nagayama & Associates utilized 3D scans of the trees, such as the spread of the leaves, and the position, and the direction of the branches, to determine the position, height, and size of the tents.

The firm decided on making these tear-dropped shaped tents transparent to highlight the experience of looking up at the surroundings while in the midst of the forest. Each tent serves its own purpose, with one being a sleeping area, the other a reading space, and more. 

The downside, there isn’t much privacy although when viewed from the inside, the outside comes out a bit blurry. As such, if you plan on staying overnight, it’s best to bring a blanket for protection from the cold, sleeping bags, or some ways to keep prying eyes away.

Moreover, these tear-dropped shaped tents each face a different direction and are spaced based on accurate 3D scenes of the forest made using a technology called Matter-Port. They stand out amid its forest topography because of their size and distinct shape. Making them transparent also reflects harmony with the natural white color of the trees.

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Images courtesy of Yuko Nagayama & Associates