Milan-based Peter Pichler Architecture envisions a new concept for hospitality and leisure for Europe’s Alpine Region. The idea is a cluster of luxurious treehouses that dot the forested slopes of the Alpine slope. The concept is called the YOUNA Nature Resorts and is comprised of jewel-shaped cabins emerging from among the treetops. Thus, providing a seamless harmony between nature and architecture. 

The cabins reference the idea of a “treehouse without a tree.” The design features exaggerated gable roofs typical of traditional treehouses. The shape of the roof also mimics the silhouette of the surrounding pines. This results in vertical pitched volumes with interior spaces elevated above the ground on a shrunken footprint similar to the trunk of a tree. The overall architecture design thus takes inspiration from its surrounding forest topography.

The volumes come wrapped in timber exoskeleton that provides enough shade from the sun during the day. But at night, the light from the inside peeks out so the cabins look like a cluster of lanterns perched on the Alpine slope. 

The treehouses in the YOUNA Nature Resorts will be unique to each user or occupant. They are essentially modular cabins that cater to the needs of the user. This means the number of floors, the indoor and outdoor spaces, and the choice between solid or glazed walls will vary in each treehouse according to the wishes of each occupant. This means they are highly customizable but with a ground floor area dedicated between 115 m² – 280 m².  This is more than enough space to create three floors and more provision for a bedroom, bathroom, and living spaces.  

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Images courtesy of Peter Pichler Architecture