Rising above Chile’s Lake Llanquihue, architect Sebastián Bruna of Pe+Br+Re Arquitectos created an expansive three-story family home that is focused on the extraordinary visas provided by its surroundings. The Wulf House is located near Quilanto, Frutillar, Chile.

The second-floor entrance leads to a central living space and radiates outward to the rest of the structure. The first floor is a semi-submerged area that gives stability to the house and provides rooms for a workshop and home office. The stairs leading from that central room lead up to the bedroom spaces on the top level, each with a balcony and wide windows to better enjoy the view of the lake and volcanoes in the distance.

From its reinforced concrete base, the Wulf House holds fast against the strong winds coming off the lake with a steel structural skeleton and specially placed wooden beams for aesthetic appeal. Oriented along a North/South axis, the Wulf House enjoys a plenitude of sunlight which is further utilized in the full-ceiling skylight over the upper floor’s central corridor.