The tech revolution brings forth amazing technology that we now can’t live without. In place of the humble pen now comes innovative stylus such as the Apple Pencil and Microsoft Surface Pen. These cutting-edge gadgets can even sense multiple pressure levels to deliver the same experience as the traditional writing instrument. However, there are still some documents that remain on paper and need good old-fashioned ink. This is exactly why products like the ZeroHour APEX tactical pen still exist and we love what it offers.

Firstly, its main function is clearly for writing, but the other features it brings makes it even more interesting. You get a stylish black aluminum body that makes it remarkably durable, which is unlike other metal pens that are on the delicate side. If you want to go one level higher, a titanium version is also available with a polished or matte finish.

The company advertises that the pen can write underwater, zero gravity, upside down, and even on wet or greasy surfaces. What makes this possible is the Fisher Space Pen cartridge inside each APEX pen. Unlike regular cartridges that rely on gravity to push the ink down, the patented technology uses pressurized nitrogen alongside a tungsten carbide roller and stainless-steel point.

Another noteworthy feature of the ZeroHour APEX tactical pen lies on the opposite end. In case of emergencies, you can remove the cap and use the tungsten steel glass-breaking tip. Given its rugged construction, this ballpoint is reportedly handy as a self-defense tool.

Images Courtesy Of ZeroHour

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