Whiskey River Soap Company wants to change the way you think about gift soap. Admittedly their product is just high-quality hand-made soap, uniquely crafted so that every colorful bar is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of practicality. They even admit that they make their soap, candles, bath bombs, and now small journals with labor and materials from close to home in the heart of the Heartland, Granville, Ohio (Just east of Columbus).

What they want you to do is really read the labels. They are funny, they are sarcastic, they are flippant and snarky and can sum up your life in a well-written sentence or two. They are constantly adding new phrases to the lineup of Whiskey River Sarcastic Soaps so that whoever you are, be it a teacher, artist, businessperson, introvert, or just a regular guy, Sarcastic Soap has a label to put your situation in perspective with a wry wit and sharp-tongued humor. [via] Buy From Whiskey River $8.95