For a while now, we’ve been mostly showcasing awesome stuff related to whiskey and other spirits. Given most of us imbibe in more than just one type of booze, it calls for something cool to drink our favorite brews in. Whiskey Peaks helps us quench our thirst in a quirky yet stylish way with its Double Wall Beer Stein.

We normally knock back a cold one directly from the bottle or can. However, some restaurants and bars have it on tap and serve these in mugs or pint glasses. If the establishment is fancy to some extent, they might use beer steins instead. Whiskey Peaks showcases a collection of drinking vessels you might like.

The list includes the Double Wall Beer Stein which is sold individually instead of as a set. Similar to the glassware most cafés use to serve hot beverages like coffee, it boasts excellent temperature retention properties. Moreover, it is lighter than your average mug, which people often use.

Much like the other items in Whiskey Peaks’ lineup, this is made from handblown 100% lead-free glass. The crystal might weigh less, but it’s nonetheless just as durable as traditional options. The craftsmanship of the Double Wall Beer Stein is remarkable as the bottom section features a raised texture.

This is not a random bump as it’s actually a tribute to a stratovolcano in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Its topographical impression of Mount Hood looks highly detailed. This makes a wonderful addition to your barware collection or gift to a fellow beer enthusiast. Pour yourself a pint in the Double Wall Beer Stein, unwind, and enjoy.

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Images courtesy of Whiskey Peaks