How we envy folks with deep pockets when it comes to homeownership. They can commission contractors for multiple residences anywhere. If it were up to us, a cozy cabin like the Villa Timmerman in Sweden is what we’ll go for. Given the location, it’s a perfect spot to let your stress melt away and view the landscape change with every season.

Dwellings like the Villa Timmerman are perfect for people serenity after a long hard day. When things get hectic at work, you can always retreat here to recharge and be ready for what comes next. This prefabricated house is the work of Bornstein Lyckefors. Its design comes from Andreas Lyckefors and his wife Josefine Wikholm.

We’ve seen couples build their homes from the ground up by themselves before, but this is not one of those. It may remain a wonderful getaway throughout the year, but the Villa Timmerman is at its best in winter. Not only does the cabin stand amid towering trees, but it also overlooks the sea. You can easily spot it as the blackened timber of its exterior contrasts with the green and white depending on the time of year.

Other aesthetic elements you see outside are the latticework and vertical grilles on some surfaces. The owners say, “the grid was an experiment that proved to work well as extra protection against solar radiation on the façade and as a protective layer against the drifting rain on the west coast.” 

This allows the interior to receive an ample amount of sunlight throughout the day. Tones of white, gray, and woodgrain are distributed evenly across the interior volumes. This creates an inviting atmosphere for the residents of the Villa Timmerman and guests alike.

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Images courtesy of Bornstein Lyckefors