Victorinox may be best known for their incredibly useful Swiss Army Knife but that is not all they make. In recent years they have also begun to create high-quality watches as well.

Their latest, the Victorinox I.N.O.X Sky High Watch ($850) is a Limited Edition of their 2014 release with 2016’s titanium upgrade. The Sky High is just as tough as ever and has withstood over 130 endurance tests including thermal shocks with temperature variations in excess of 60°C and altitude tests up to 27,000 feet – twice the average cruising elevation of airliners.

Inside is a proven Swiss quartz movement with a water resistance down to 650 feet (200 meters). The dial is white with a red 24-hour scale applied to the crystal, and the strap is matching Naimakka paracord although it also comes with a white rubber strap if preferred. To make this 2,000 unit edition extra special, the timepiece is accompanied by an equally-reliable white Swiss Army Knife with a metal astronaut icon inlaid on the handle, revealing its inspiration drawn from the knives issued to NASA astronauts.