Six years ago, filmmaker and photographer Foster Huntington walked away from his New York fashion job and spent the following three years traveling the country while living in his van. During his odyssey, he covered 120,000 miles across North America, exploring, surfing, camping, and sharing his adventures via his Tumblr account and hashtag He also self-published the book, “Home Is Where You Park It” chronicling his experiences.

Now Foster has utilized the connections he made on the road to compile a new book exploring not only his own life vanning but also sharing the stories and vehicular homes of people around the country. “Van Life: Your Home on the Road” is a 7.5″ x 9.5″, 256-page celebration of the people who have created their own lifestyle on wheels.

The book shows off hundreds of these small four-wheeled dwellings, the locations they have been in, and up close and personal interiors. Interviews with these modern travelers explore the novelty and excitement of living small and free. Van Life gives hope and inspiration to anyone who dreams of leaving the mortgage behind and living where the road takes them.

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