For the average Joe, a luxury watch is out of the question. As long as a timekeeping instrument is stylish, durable, and does what it’s made to do, we would gladly pay as long as the cost is reasonable. On the other hand, being wealthy gives you access to an entirely different market — one that the likes of Vacheron Constantin gladly cater to with bespoke creations under its Les Cabinoiters collection.

It’s no secret that even the commercial catalog of the Swiss watchmaker is priced prohibitively. As such, we can only imagine how much people spend when they commission one-offs. “We are always happy to sell expensive watches, but the main driver is really our ability to showcase our know-how in terms of complications, craftsmanship, and finishing,” stated company CEO Louis Ferla.

The theme for this year’s Les Cabinoiters is reportedly called “Récits de Voyages” which translates into “a travel story” in English. Headling this collection is the extremely intricate Minute Repeater Tourbillon — Tribute to Arabesque. The inspiration behind the ornate motif of its 44 mm x 13.5 mm is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This took one month to complete.

Other exemplary references in the “Récits de Voyages” lineup are the Armillary Tourbillon — Tribute to Art Deco Style, Malte Tourbillon — Tribute to Haussmannian Style, and Minute Repeater Tourbillon — Tribute to Art Deco Style. The remaining items are the Grisaille High Jewelry — Dragon and the four-piece Memorable Places.

As of this writing — like all previous releases — these opulent wrist accessories are likely spoken for. Vacheron Constantin is clearly flexing why they’re one of the leading high-end horology houses in the world. The “Récits de Voyages” touts mechanical masterpieces that highlight what’s possible with modern watchmaking processes.

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Images courtesy of Vacheron Constantin