Among the water toys surging in popularity among the wealthy and beach resort operators are submersibles. These underwater vehicles allow people to enjoy amazing adventures in the comfort of their seats. U-Boat Worx is growing its lineup by developing more cutting-edge models. The latest addition is the 2023 Super Sub. Originally announced in 2021, it now comes with a slew of upgrades.

The manufacturer is yet to peg an official launch window, but pre-orders should follow shortly after some more trials. In the years following its debut, press materials point out some tweaks to improve its performance and capabilities. They’re also working closely with the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands for this project.

Changes to its hydrodynamic outline and side fins reportedly boost its top cruising speed to 10 knots. Maneuverability should likely see some benefits as well but let us wait until results from further testing are available. The Super Sub can still dive up to depths of 984.25 feet. Passenger capacity remains at two with an additional seat for the operator.

To make the underwater experience even more immersive, U-Boat Worx equips the Super Sub with a fully acrylic pressure hull. This transparent bubble gives the pilot and the other occupants an almost 360-degree view of their surroundings. To make navigation even more efficient, compact ultra-wide sonar is available.

Additional safety systems include a deployable buoy, a 96-hour life support setup, and a Deadman’s Switch (DMS), among others. A full charge of its batteries should be enough for up to nine hours of exploration beneath the waves. For those of you who want to fill out your superyacht’s garage, the Super Sub seems like an awesome option.

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Images courtesy of U-Boat Worx