New York menswear brand Todd Snyder and Timex Group have recently been partnering to add new watches designed or augmented by Snyder for his exclusive menswear line. Their latest successful collaboration, the Blackjack ($138), is a reinterpretation of an early 1970’s Timex Sprite and modeled after the Formula 1 race cars prevalent at that time.

The Blackjack features a white dial with two concentric black rings bearing the hour indices of 1-12 on the outer rim and 13-24 on the inner for 24-hour timekeeping. Outside the circles, it is segmented white & blue which is reminiscent of the BMW roundel. The hour & minutes hands are slightly larger than average to compliment the larger numbers on the dial, while the case is a sleek black color and it’s carried on a black NATO strap.

Inside is a classic and dependable Timex quartz movement with a 50-meter water resistance. The very affordable Todd Snyder Blackjack is made to be worn in a wide variety of settings and looks as wearable in blue jeans as with a three-piece suit. [via]