Here we have Atto Digital — a company that specializes in some of the most reliable and portable voice recorders out there. With a catalogue of several products under their belt, the group is embarking on a new project on Indiegogo called the TileRec. It is a compact gadget that boasts outstanding features anyone would want alongside a pocket-friendly design.

There used to a time when people relied on taking notes by traditional means to record important discussions or events. However, as technology pushed forward, we moved on to analog sound recording, which gave us more flexibility.

Then came the digital age where voice recorders have become the most dependable platform for various applications. Therefore, let’s take an in-depth look at what the TileRec brings to the table. Who knows? You might discover that this is exactly what you are looking for

What To Expect From TileRec

Let’s start off by understanding what this product does. As already implied by the description, Atto Digital is a manufacturer with extensive experience when it comes to digital voice recording technology. As such, the TileRec is equipped with a versatility that will adapt to your needs.

While others might argue that a smartphone can practically do even better, there are some limitations that would make it a poor substitute to dedicated voice recorders. Starting with the size, on average, mobile phones or tablets are bulkier in comparison.

When it comes to battery life, modern smartphones are packed with telephony features that would drain the power faster than the voice recording app it comes with. Finally, when it comes to being discrete, the TileRec checks all the boxes.

Size Matters

It has been observed that innovations in the manufacturing process of electronics have given engineers more flexibility when it comes to form factor. Hence, Atto Digital developed this item with impressive portability and ease-of-storage in mind. We are looking at a digital voice recorder that is about the same size as your average smart tag.

In fact, this is an intentional approach to turn it into something that can qualify as an everyday carry (EDC) gear. The Tilerec measures 2.48 square inches and the company likens it to a small piece from a chocolate bar. It measures 0.25 inches thick and clocks in at just about 0.5 ounces (about the same weight as a US penny). This is perhaps one of the most unobtrusive digital voice recorders you could have.

Tile-Rec Specifications

Earlier, we pointed out that smartphones are intended for telecommunications and other processing requirements. TileRec, on the other hand, is dedicated for a single purpose — recording sound. Armed with 8 GB of internal storage, it should be enough for up to 145 hours of audio.

You can expect a 24-hour availability from its 3.7 V (240 mAh) lithium-ion polymer battery. Moreover, it just takes 1.5 hours to top up and get back into action for another day of action. Testing shows that it can last for up to 1,000 charging cycles. Quite impressive in our opinion.

The system records sound in a 128-kbps bit rate in MP3 format. This ensures that whatever you have saved will be compatible with most sound-processing platforms. With a range of 15 feet (360 degrees) users will never miss out on the important stuff.

Tile-Rec Features

Since the TileRec can fit inside pockets or wallets, Atto Digital kept reliability in mind during the concept stages. To protect its sensitive components from all manners of abuse the housing is fashioned from 100% recycled aluminum. Not only does it make the device robust and lightweight, but the material also gives it a premium finish.

Each of the recordings it makes generates a time-stamp for quick reference. This is ideal for meetings, speech improvement, brainstorming, voice journal entries, learning foreign languages, and surveillance. When it comes to the latter, it is crucial that discretion is observed. Hence, the TileRec does not feature notification sounds or lights even when in use.

Once the voice-activated mode is engaged, sensors will initiate recording once noise or audio is detected within the 15-foot range of its microphone. This dynamic function delivers hands-free convenience that enhances the user’s experience.

TileRec Innovation And Sustainability

Atto Digital certainly shows that innovation does not stop as long as there are brilliant minds that never give up. The TileRec will ship in a stylish box which also makes it a great gift for your loved ones. Inside you’ll find the digital voice recorder, user manuals in various languages, a USB Type-A to Micro USB charging/data cable, and lanyards.

Not only are you getting a compact-yet-powerful tool in your hands, but each purchase saves an estimated 13,000 pieces of paper. This allows the company to save at least one tree for each unit sold. Ultimately, this reduces our carbon footprint by 2% as well. Overall, it technically seems like a win-win in our book.

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Images courtesy of Atto Digital