Admittedly, when we first saw the Thorncrest House we were not overly impressed and in fact yours truly thought it looked a little like a high end luxury office building. However, when we looked a little closer and saw the house lit at night we were won over by the elegance of the structure and the cool contemporary feel of the interior.
Created by Altius Architecture, the Thorncrest House is located in Ontario, Canada so first things first there is no pool like we are used too (thanks to the chilly Ontario climate). However, just about everything else here smacks of quality, and we are particular fans of the unique blue zinc exterior coating mixed with wood. Despite this very industrial material, mixing wood with the zinc makes the Thorncrest look deceptively natural.
Wood is also used extensively on the inside, with the floors and ceilings decked in sumptuous cuts, while the furniture and colors are clean and stark against the warmth of the wood.