The Universal Wireless Poker Controller

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If online poker is your thing, you might want to check out the Universal Wireless Poker Controller ($80.00). This gadget gives you the ability to make more accurate moves during each online gaming session, so you can win more hands.

The Poker Controller was designed mainly for pokerstars multi tabling– a way in which you can participate on a number of various poker tables online at the same time , increasing the turnover of potential profits. At the crux of it, the controller connects directly with your favorite online poker rooms, and it can be used to increase bet speed and to simply play more efficiently and accurately. It features a silver coated dial (used to increase and decrease bet size), a trio of large buttons categorized as ‘Bet’, ‘Check/Call’ and ‘Fold’, and two directional table buttons which allow you to effortlessly skip between tables in the poker room when you’re in multi-table mode. The handheld piece is also loaded with the latest software that gets automatically updated, meaning that if in the future more poker rooms become compatible with the device, you’ll be able to start playing on them immediately.

The Universal Wireless Poker Controller 3