When it comes with classic vehicles, only expert hands can manage to bring out the beauty of these machines. One such shop that knows its way around a specific type of automobile is Singer Vehicle Design. Looking at their previous works, it’s clear that they have a passion for a certain European marque. As such, this lovely example we’re here to showcase is a special Porsche 911 Anglet Commission.

Just like the custom jobs before it, the unique color combination gives it a remarkable visage both inside and outside. Starting with the exterior, this bespoke 911 is flaunting a dark shade of purple. Singer Vehicle Design is listing it as Aubergine Light Pearl, which seem appropriate given its resemblance to the colorway’s namesake. Meanwhile, the deck lid sports nickel trims with the badge in brass.

The owner of this exotic beauty is making several requests, which Singer Vehicle Design is happily following to a tee. It seems that as long as it’s within their capabilities there’s no question that the client always gets what they want.

Within the frame sits a 3.8-liter air-cooled naturally aspirated flat-six power plant. Moreover, this is paired to a six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel-drive configuration. This exclusive AWD sits on a set of five-spoke wheels inspired by Fuch’s design. Greeting you inside is luxurious Navy Blue leather upholstery with stitching in Alabaster to give it some contrast.

Other notable features are the brass grommets on the seats and brass badging throughout the cabin. Finally, pop the hood open to see the lavish interior elements extend within the luggage compartment. Ultimately, the Porsche 911 Anglet Commission is certainly another masterpiece from Singer Vehicle Design.

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Images courtesy of Singer Vehicle Design