No surprise why the Pocket Rocket won the German Design Award prize. This bike looks straight out of a Ridley Scott sci-fi flick; just look at that sharp chassis and that downward triangle holding it all together — a masterclass in design if there ever was one. We’ve finally come across a bike that’s as enjoyable to ride as is parading it around.

If you’re still not impressed by looks alone, you should know that this bike runs on ecologically viable electric energy, leaving no carbon footprint whatsoever. Still not impressed? Well, did you know every bit of this bike’s electronics and machinery is cleverly stashed away in that triangular design? How could everything have fit in such a minimal frame? Designer Manuel Messmer & Sol Motors are keeping the mystery alive, but we’re willing to live in the dark; true magicians never reveals their secret, after all.

The only downside to this bike is it’s name — Pocket Rocket. Do a quick Google search and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. But it’s best to save juvenile humor for another day and focus on the good: the Pocket Rocket is probably the cleanest bike e-bike design we’ve ever seen, not to mention the sleekest. You get all the modern amenities a biker could ever want, like a saddle, a headlight, and a tail light.

The product is unfortunately still in the conceptual stage. In other words, it’s not real — not yet, at least. Specifications are out of the question, too. But that’s fine. We’ll be here, patiently waiting for it to become real.