YETI, known for its highly durable gear, comes out with the LoadOut GoBox 30 to prove its dominance in the rugged container and cargo world. The LoadOut GoBox 30 marks its first foray into buryl cargo boxes, a simple, bare-bones waterproof box that packs a punch.

It’s heavy, robust, and incredibly solid. It’ll also handle everything you throw at it. Beyond just strength, it’s also really secure and hermetic. The latches click shut with sophistication, and overall the box feels very well-made.

The interiors mimic the simplicity found outside, with only a removable tray, a center divider, and not much else. This was made for storing things in, anyway, so no need for bells and whistles that might increase clutter. Up top, you’ll find a Pack Attic deployable pouch for extra storage, big enough to accomodate a 15-inch laptop.

Further outside, you’ll find a handful of tie-down points to secure the box onto, say, the roof of a car or the deck of a boat. There are also two locking points that allow you to secure it shut. It’s not going to replace a safe, to be sure, but it does the job quite well.

The LoadOut GoBox 30 is a bit larger than most cargo boxes in the market right now. That’s great for all hoarders out there venturing into the backcountry or wilderness — can’t be too careful, right?

At $250, th box is certainly leaning toward the pricier end of the spectrum. Still, those who’ll need to haul fragile items along their trip might see this a great investment.


Photos courtesy of YETI