The Chill Tumbler is a perfect vessel for whisky and spirits enthusiasts. Its unique mountain-shaped tumbler glass combined with a stainless steel cooling cone presents a functional and aesthetically pleasing design, which provides spirits lovers an elevated drinking experience. 

Having neat whisky at 16-18 degrees Celsius gives it the best flavor profile. Some might use stainless steel cubes to reach that temperature range, but adding that extra weight and the risk of knocking your teeth is no fun. The design from ZENLET aims to keep the drink cool while keeping it light-weighted and elegant. 

The cone-shaped design stands for three purposes. First, it adds more exposure to the liquid, which speeds up the cooling process, letting the temperature drop at least 5 Celsius degrees within 60 seconds. 

Second, the cooling process inhibits strong ethanol odors from the spirits, letting delicate aroma stand out. 

The final reason is that the peak of the mountain shortens the distance between flavor and nose, making all the intoxicating flavors last.

The cooling cone is also cone-shaped. It not only keeps the drinks cool but also functions as a lid on top of the glass. The cooling cone coupled with silicone O-ring strengthens the sealing capacity, making it anti-odor and spills.

With just 3 simple steps, easing into a refined and sophisticated drinking experience is accessible for everyone. First, put the cooling cone upside down on top of the glass as a lid. The lid keeps any odor out, making your drink pure and fresh. Second, put The Chill Tumbler in the freezer for 3-4 hours. At last, pour in any drinks of your choice and enjoy!

The many features such as temperature-dropping ability, odor resistance, and geometrical design, makes The Chill Tumbler perfect for not only whisky or spirit, but also for any chilling summer drinks, such as wine, cocktail, and cold brew, making it highly versatile glassware to have for both functional and aesthetical purposes.

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About ZENLET Team

ZENLET unites people specified in the fields of designing, engineering, marketing, and visual communication. Each of us stands from a different point of view, yet we share the same enthusiasm and belief. 

Designers nowadays over-gratify customer expectations and disregard the power of simplicity. We believe simplicity stands for quality, friendly pricing, waste reduction, and user-friendly designs. We assure you these are the most important aspects to care about, and what we are striving to pursue. So, how can we make it happen? We find the answer within the purity of ZEN philosophy.

We applied the spirit of ZEN to our core design style. Wishing with the help of ZEN philosophy, we can achieve the pureness of simplicity. Now we set off the amazingness with only the essential designs. 



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