Do you have plans to try the nomadic lifestyle? Do you crave the feeling of freedom whenever stress starts to bear down? If so, then an outdoor adventure should do the trick. With so many businesses still sticking with remote productivity, an excursion aboard a camper van sounds like a thrilling plan. The Texino Atrium is a stylish option we would love to travel in.

This recreational vehicle immediately stands from other offerings thanks to its geometric outline. Moreover, the sudden transition from futuristic to something more contemporary is a jarring image to see. As much as we want to refrain from any Tesla references, the angular surface of its camper looks like a nod to the Cybertruck.

The Atrium is a collaboration between the camper van manufacturer and designer Gabriel Wartofsky. It appears the inspiration behind the unique silhouette are classic Airstream trailers. However, instead of the signature rounded silver exterior, Texino goes for sharp angles.

Moreover, the interior is equipped with modern creature comforts to make any trip enjoyable. The volume holds two sleepers as well as a loft bed, which should be enough for an average family. Porthole windows line the sides of the Atrium while an observatory window offers stunning views of the surroundings.

A kitchenette is perfect for those who want to cook inside, while the bathroom is a welcome addition as well. Storage will never be an issue here as the camper touts several bins overhead and below. Enjoy the fresh air outside as you deploy the awning to protect you and your gear from the elements. Perhaps we’ll see the Atrium eventually join Texino’s camper van lineup.

Check out their lineup: Here

Atrium Observatory Window Atrium Awning

Images courtesy of Texino/Gabriel Wartofsky