Aside from EVs, we now have more options for emission-free commuting. Take your pick from electric kick scooters, skateboards, and bicycles. The latter currently enjoys an outstanding surge of demand. Even before electric powertrains took over, pedal-powered two-wheelers were already popular means of getting around sans noise and pollution. Thus, TENWAYS presents the CGO800S as a striking pedelec that seamlessly combines traditional cycling with modern tech.

Designed To Become Your Favorite Daily Driver

As the product page tells it, this electric bike is part of the brand’s “City Commuter Series.” As such, almost every aspect of its form factor was thoughtfully penned with your convenience in mind. The CGO800S features a step-through frame and ships in one size only.

Do not fret, because TENWAYS says it can accommodate people between 5’1” to 6’3” in height. Despite the absence of the top tube, the chassis is engineered to handle everything that comes your way. Furthermore, the position of its seat and handlebar equates to a relaxed posture.

Meanwhile, the SR SUNTOUR suspension front fork is always ready to handle the bumps and uneven terrain along the way. Since riding involves sitting for long periods at a time, the CGO800S keeps you comfortable with its Selle Royal saddle.

It’s wide enough for adequate support with an ergonomic shape that does not get in the way of your legs when pedaling. Given there is virtually no assistance delay, the experience is smooth and natural. You can say that it’s just “like riding a bike” with some awesome extras.

A Versatile And Durable Pedelec Bike

From an aesthetic standpoint, TENWAYS certainly crafted one looker of a city commuter. This model touts a sleek frame fabricated out of 6061 aluminum, which boasts outstanding resistance to corrosion and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Your CGO800S tips the scales at just 50.7 lbs. This makes it easy to transport.

To make its purchase practically worry-free, you have a Gates crankset and carbon belt combo. Unlike roller chains traditionally made of metal – the polymer and composite materials in use are more reliable, durable, and secure. In fact, TENWAYS points out that it typically offers about 18,600 miles of travel without the need for maintenance.

Smart Motor Assist And Battery Details

The smart electric assistance comes from a powerful 250W Mivice M070 rear hub motor and 36V, 10.4 Ah, 18,650-cell lithium-ion battery.  Its S200B magnetic torque sensor and C201 controller – both also from Mivice – automatically detect how much torque it needs to supply in real-time.

Hence, riders can tackle inclines with minimal effort as the CGO800S adapts accordingly. TENWAYS did a great job to integrate it into the downtube. In fact, unless you know where to look, the color-matching housing sits flush within the slot to make it almost imperceptible.

Likewise, there is a locking mechanism in place to prevent unwanted removal. This system is beneficial because you can purchase another one and swap between the two. As an added security, owners assign a code via the smart LCD display that will disable the motor until it’s correctly unlocked.

Depending on the level of pedal assist, the batteries should last up to 62 miles before it turns into a regular bicycle. Take note that it normally takes 4.5 hours to fully recharge, so we recommend that you grab a spare. A cool thing about the battery is how it can charge while attached to or detached from your CGO800S.

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Ordering, Unboxing, And Assembling Your CGO800S

Just like any modern shopper, head on over to TENWAYS’ website and navigate to the CGO800S page. Pick from three colorways: Midnight Black, Pebble Grey, and Sky Blue (all are in matte finishes). Add to cart and choose where you want it delivered (currently, they only cater to markets in the European Union, United Kingdom, and the United States).

Depending on where you live, it might take anywhere a couple of days or weeks. Nevertheless, it arrives in a huge brown box that opens at the top. The CGO800S is lightweight enough for anybody to lift straight out, but you can also position the packaging on its side to make it easier.

Make sure to take out the toolbox. It contains all the necessary items and parts to help you fully assemble the bike. The contents include hex keys, wrenches, a Philips-head screwdriver, front/rear reflectors, pedals, charging cable, power adapter, and a cycling pump.

As of this writing, TENWAYS will throw in some nifty add-ons. These are a kickstand, a rear carrier rack, and front/rear mudguards for your CGO800S. Remove the protective covers and follow the directions to install each component in the right order.

Since the manufacturer promotes sustainability, it goes the extra mile to ditch single-use plastic cords and switch these out for reusable Velcro straps instead. Although this gesture seems insignificant, it’s a step in the green direction, which the brand lives by.

Check Out TENWAYS CGO800S Now

Using Your CGO800S

Even if this is your first-ever pedelec bike, TENWAYS ensures that the transition is as intuitive as possible. It basically works like any other average pedal-powered platform. Equipped with a single-speed drivetrain, there’s no shifting involved at any point during your ride. Plus, the specifications are perfect for casual urban cyclists who just want to take it slow.

Don’t let the easygoing profile fool you, because it can hit a top speed of 20 mph with a cycling enthusiast at the pedals. The 28” spoked aluminum rims are shod in CST Puncture-proof 700 x 48C tires. A squeeze of the handlebar levers engages the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which provide the stopping power you need.

A smart LCD display sits in the middle handlebar stem with large tactile control buttons on each side within reach of your thumbs. The left toggles the menu and the assist level. To your right are switches for the headlight, taillight, and turn indicators. Pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and launch the TENWAYS companion app to enable navigation and other functions.

Our Take On The CGO800S

We’ve pretty much covered all the important stuff about this capable pedelec from TENWAYS. If you want an eco-friendly alternative to EVs that also gives you a moderate workout, this is it. The pedal assist may not be as strong as what other names can deliver, but it gets the job done anyway. We believe the CGO800S is a wonderful choice, yet optional trims or upgrades would have made it even better.

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