Do you listen to music while exercising? Well, a lot of folks apparently do, which is why we have so many earbuds and headphones that can withstand exposure to moisture. Manufacturers are always coming up with new gimmicks to outdo the competition. The Tempo is a concept that should help users get the most out of their workouts.

How so, you ask? For those who regularly pump tunes during their routines, your pace often matches that of the beat.  It might not be a conscious response, but studies show that people tend to push themselves harder when the music is faster. Gianni Teruzzi designed the Tempo to help with just that.

At a glance, it’s like like any other true wireless earbuds out there. However, there is some clever tech within that allows it to do so much more. Sensors in each earbud detect your heart rate and will switch to the appropriate music that closely matches or raises/lowers your pace, depending on the settings.

Each Tempo earbud features an integrated hook that clips onto your earlobes for a secure fit. The tips appear to be replaceable as well to create a good seal depending on the size. Think of it as a digital metronome that guides your workout. Built-in buttons allow users to make adjustments intuitively,

The left earbud controls volume, track change, and more. Meanwhile, the right handles the speed of the rhythm you want. It can then scan and play music from your Spotify and Apple Music library. There’s also an optional Tempo driver remote that instructors can use in classes to control the beat.

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Images courtesy of Gianni Teruzzi