For those of you eager to brave the cold and bask in the warmth of your outdoor gas grill, by all means, go for it. For the rest of you, worry not, because Ninja also is ready with the Foodi Smart XL Grill. With this in your collection of meal preparation equipment, you can prepare and feast on almost anything.

One of the best ways to cook certain dishes is by grilling. We understand, now is probably not the season for it, but rules are made to be broken. As long as you have the ingredients on hand, the Foodi Smart XL Grill is yours to command.

Although it primarily does what its name says, this here is a 6-in-1 machine. The versatility of the features it offers alone is enough to push us to get one. However, Ninja is making it difficult to say no by teasing us with indoor grilling goodness.

That’s right, we can now get those beautiful grill marks and the signature flavor of a regular gas grill minus the smoke. If you fancy something else, the Foodi Smart XL Grill can also double as an air fryer. You’ve probably heard about how the latter is a great option to cut back on the grease.

As for capacity, this bad boy can fit up to 6 steaks or up to 24 hot dogs, to feed your hungry crew. Even if you are a greenhorn at grilling, Ninja’s Smart Cook System has you covered. Select your protein of choice, set the level of doneness, and let the Foodi Smart XL Grill handle the rest.

Buy – $279.99

Images courtesy of Ninja