With the summer just around the corner, we’d like to know what your plans are. A lot of you have probably booked escapades with family and friends. Some are already planning backyard barbecues. In fact, there are many ways to beat the heat this season. There’s staying indoors with the AC on, sipping on a cold beverage, bathing, swimming, and playing with awesome toys like the SpyraThree™.

If you’ve used Super Soakers before, then the concept behind these innovative blasters should be familiar. However, instead of building pressure via a manual pump mechanism, the SpyraThree™ – like its predecessors – relies on an advanced electric motor system to deliver ultimate enjoyment for people of all ages. It comes with all the older models’ intuitive features, albeit with more enhancements.

Getting Your Hands On One Of The Hottest Summer Toys

First off, we would like to extend our thanks to Spyra for the samples they sent over. However, for those you of who also want to grab one or two, head on over to the official website and place your orders there. It is available in Single or Duel packages, wherein the former is ideal for solo play, while the latter bundles one of each color. We highly recommend two or more to get the most out of your experience.

With a bit of patience, it won’t take long for your SpyraThree™ to arrive. These come in brown corrugated boxes and include everything to get started right away. There might be some residual charge straight from the factory, but it’s best to wait until the batteries are full. Keep in mind, these bad boys are built for wet and wild fun, so make sure to keep stuff that needs to stay dry away from the battlefield.

SpyraThree™ Design

From a cosmetic perspective, there are minimal tweaks that sets it apart from the SpyraTwo. However, upon closer inspection, the SpyraThree™ sports distinct graphics as well as a mode slider near the tactical display. The LCD screen is still where we can view the estimated number of shots and the battery status.

Speaking of which, the USB-C charging port is accessible underneath a protective flap just below the handle. We like the textured surfaces of the grip, which help keep it firmly in your hands even when completely wet. That’s right, the SpyraThree™ is safe to operate even in the pool.

According to the product page, it boasts an effective range of 33 feet, which increases to 49 feet if you hold down the trigger for a PowerShot. Surprisingly, a full charge will last a long time before it needs a top-up. Since it’s mostly constructed out of plastic, the SpyraThree™ tips the scales at around 4.8 lbs. when empty.

Even when you fill it up, it does not go beyond 6.4 lbs. Although not exactly a dealbreaker, the manufacturer might want to consider a special service wherein buyers can personalize their water blasters according to their tastes. Nevertheless, the blue and red make it easy to identify which team the user belongs to.

Using The SpyraThree™

When you have a basic grasp as to how firearms (real or not) work, then this will be a breeze. The SypraThree may be intuitive enough for anybody to pick up and play, but there are some functions you won’t find on other water blasters. For example, the reload process is extremely easy. No need to pop-open a cover to access the reservoir.

Just push the trigger forward to automatically draw clean water from any available source. It takes only about 10 seconds or less to complete and for you to get back into the action. Just like in a video game or other forms of war games, resource management is crucial for victory. Thankfully, all that’s needed is a quick glance at the integrated screen for details such as ammunition and battery.

As for versatility, there are three game modes accessible via the slider. Engage league mode which imposes a cooldown period in between and enables charged shots. Burst mode allows triple shots, while freestyle gives owners full control over their SpyraThree™. Overall, it’s best to just go with the flow and have a blast!

Our Takeaway

Since the SpyraThree™ rifles arrived at our office, almost everyone has been lining up for a crack at these awesome toys. So far, this is their best iteration yet and would make the perfect addition to anybody’s growing arsenal of water blasters for summer. What we are really impressed with is the battery life. You can practically play the whole day on a single charge with some short breaks in between each battle. Go for the Duel pack and forget to add the SpyraSpecs or SpyraBase to your carts before checkout.

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