Spout looks toward a future where people no longer have to use up plastic bottles of water. This countertop device aims to bring free water to everyone without having to go to refilling or water filtration stations just to get clean water. 

The company called it the “most revolutionary innovation to drinking water since the tap.” What it does is condense moisture in the air to create up to 2.5 gallons of fresh, pure, alkaline drinking water. It is an atmospheric water generator that utilizes a six-stage filtration system to produce water. What’s cool is you get to see the water-making process too from the transparent container.

The Spout uses hospital-grade filters consisting of silver nanoparticles and carbon block to rid contaminants, allergens, and mold spores so what you get is incredibly clean and pure water. More than a water filter, this device also purifies the air even before it enters the device. The purified air collected is then absorbed in the desiccant wheel. The wheel then gets heated so water vapor transfers into the condensation chamber where it’s condensed and chilled by ambient air. 

Then water is filtered and remineralized with magnesium to improve the taste and quality. The water collected ends up in the pitcher which is equipped with a UV light in the lid. It further ensures the cleanliness of the water as it prevents unwanted bacterial growth in the water supply. 

The Spout makes it easy to get clean and delicious-tasting water anytime and anywhere. Just plug it in and wait for science and nature to work together. By using this machine, you’re helping save the planet as it doesn’t deplete reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and ecosystems. Most of all, it doesn’t pollute the oceans. 

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Images courtesy of Spout