When it comes to cycling, we notice that most people are not gearing up properly. It could be a dare, foolish bravado, or a macho flex, but accidents are quite unforgiving. If you’re just starting out, we recommend you first grab a helmet like the Ambush 2 from Specialized. With this, you get outstanding protection both on and off the road.

You’ve probably seen horrific injuries sustained by regular cyclists even with safety gear on. Now just imagine how bad it can get when you’re out on the trails or enduro biking. For those who enjoy the thrill it offers, you need high-performance equipment that can withstand the activity.

Specialized supplies both the ride and helmet so you can focus on the fun. The Ambush 2 is engineered specifically for adrenaline junkies who love the dynamic challenge their choice of sport provides. This second-generation model is a revamp and upgrade over the older version.

The manufacturer notes that this headgear meets the U.S. CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets. It is available in three sizes but features the brand’s SBC Integrated Fit system with adjustable Tri-Fix splitters. This gives users a snug fit to improve overall comfort.

Meanwhile, its Computational Fluid Dynamic design delivers optimal airflow to cool you down all day. Specialized equips the Ambush 2 with its Occipital Base Adjustment system to keep your field of vision free from any obstruction. Goggles and glasses fit snugly and rattle-free when you store them securely beneath the visor. Finally, the helmet relies on its MIPS SL technology for superior impact protection.

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Images courtesy of Specialized