We know that luxury watches are crazy expensive with some models demanding commanding outrageous price tags. So it’s understandable that owners want only the best when it comes to keeping their collection safe. If you’re capable of spending a fortune of top-grade timepieces, then it should barely bother you throwing an extra $295,000 for the Solitaire Vision Orbit Tourbillon by Buben&Zörweg.

This pricey item is a perfect product to match the level of luxury of your wristwatches. It provides an opulent space for 38 watches in the main display section of the cabinet. Another eight can be kept inside the VdS-certified safe that comes with numeric keypad for user access. This offers a more discrete option for certain timepieces that you might want to keep away from prying eyes.

All of the contents strategically sit behind two bullet-proof spy glass panels. It only reveals what’s inside when the LED lighting system is on. Meanwhile, a sophisticated clock with a flying tourbillon sits inside a stainless steel enclosure. Moreover, it stylishly stays exposed even with the doors closed. Owners can activate the watch-winding system to keep the power reserves of their automatic beauties ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Other technologies integrated into the luxury safe include a hydrometer and thermometer to regulate an ideal environment for your timepieces as well as cigars. It even flaunts a built-in Hi-Fi system that is Bluetooth ready for wireless audio streaming—perfect while admiring your collection. Buben&Zörweg plans to release only 25 units of the Solitaire Vision Orbit Tourbillon.


Photos courtesy of Buben&Zörweg