Milan-based startup SnapFIT Tech has developed a modular system of laptop accessories that serves to simplify the needs of mobile workers. Their innovative product, the SnapFit, offers convenience and maximum productivity with its functional design.  

It gets rid of messy cables and enables seamless workflow using a range of interchangeable and interconnected modules packed as one unit. Digital nomads will find this tech gear essential for work and even for play as it allows for easy charging, data transfer, mobile connectivity, and more.

The SnapFIT comes in four modular units. There’s the QI-wireless enabled power bank for backup energy on the go and a Bluetooth speaker that delivers a crystal-clear sound and features touch controls for power on/off and volume adjustment.

Moreover, there’s the hotspot module, which is equipped with sim card slots, and lastly, an adapter module built with various ports including an HDMI, USB-C port, ethernet, Audio output, and more. These modules come in a camera-lens style shape and are held together via strong magnets, as such they “snap” together in place when not in use. These units enable seamless charging, easy portability, and best of all, a fully functional workspace.

The SnapFIT system is beneficial for mobile workers as it allows them to customize their setup according to their work needs. This way, they only bring what they need on the go and leave the rest at home. The units are even modern and stylish. They come in a sleek, minimalist black aesthetic and are crafted from durable yet soft-touch ABS plastic.  

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Images courtesy of SnapFIT Tech