When is an oven not an oven? When it’s a Brava Oven. The Brava Oven is a truly revolutionary kitchen tool unlike anything else we have seen in the past. It utilises non-visible (infrared) and visible light, in addition to 6 cutting-edge lamps, to heat up and quick food quicker than convection

There are sensors, including a camera (yes, you read that correctly, a camera) and a temperature probe that you can use to check your food is cooked to perfection. Why a camera? That is to ensure your food has the appropriate browning.

Because convenience is very much a key aspect of modern cooking, the Brava Oven features pre-programmed settings for popular and common food to make it idiot-proof. The lights can function independently to give you the ability to cook different foods at different heats at the same time; you can also use the Brava store app to order your next meal.

Cooking just got an upgrade and we think we are kind of in love with it, at least in theory. People who love the art form of cooking will likely hate it, but those who want to enjoy eating food more than making it will love it.

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