Tesla’s Cybertruck isn’t even out yet, but aftermarket add-ons are already available as early as now. This is great for the folks who have preordered and just need to wait for their truck’s delivery. On the other hand, if you already own an eco-friendly crossover like the ENAYQ iV 80, ŠKODA shows off what’s possible with the FestEVal trim.

The Czech automaker confirms that this is a one-off project to highlight the options available for the ENAYQ iV 80. The timing is perfect since it’s already summer and folks just love to go on excursions, head out camping, or maybe catch a concert or two. ŠKODA presents a bespoke configuration ideal for various types of adventures people might have in mind.

First up is the trunk of the electric SUV’s FestEVal version, which now holds a camping unit sourced from fellow Czech outfit EGOE. The generous 585-liter storage space is just enough for this slide-out assembly. It features a collapsible sink, a faucet, a hose, a food preparation area, and a gas cooker.

It also doubles as a bed frame and leaves the rear seats fully functional. Fold these down and arrange the mattress cushions to sleep up to two people. Meanwhile, the ENAYQ iV 80 FestEVal’s roof rack holds a fold-up tent system. Inside the aerodynamic shell are a telescoping ladder, a solar-powered fan, and built-in lighting.

The package even includes space-saving camping chairs and a table. Fire up your tunes via the eight-speaker setup. ŠKODA did a bang-up job to turn the ENAYQ iV 80 FestEVal into a versatile emission-free recreational platform.

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Images courtesy of ŠKODA