Cutting-edge technology and materials now allow us to construct homes almost anywhere. Prefabrication likewise helps with the process. Ocean Builders have multiple projects on the line: The EcoPod, GreenPod, and SeaPod.The latter is the most intriguing among the bunch.

If you’ve seen luxury resorts in tropical destinations offer accommodations that are over water, the SeaPod embodies a similar concept. However, the scale of how it works is a bit more remarkable than structures on a fixed foundation. According to the company, it will float with the help of around 1,688 cubic feet of air-filled steel tubes.

The buoyancy is enough to keep the volumes 7.5 feet above the waves. For now, Ocean Builders will manufacture these in their factory in Linton Bay Marina, Panama. Although the company does not specify, we can assume an anchoring system will keep it in place.

These can become private residences or luxury accommodations for hotel operators close to the coastline. People can access the SeaPod via water taxi or their personal watercraft. It measures 35 x 26.9 x 23 feet and features three levels. You get about 833 square feet of living space to customize and should be enough for up to two people.

Steel, concrete, fiberglass, foam, and gel coat comprise its construction. 360-degree views of the surrounding seascape are possible with 578.45 square feet of panoramic glazing. There’s a living room, master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and more. Guests or owners wear a smart ring to unlock doors and activate various functions around the SeaPod.

Supplies are flown in by drones. Ocean Builders will use a blackwater storage tank for treatment and periodic removal. Meanwhile, an incinerator handles solid waste. Indirect lighting fixtures use color-changing LEDs, while wireless charging stations are available throughout the SeaPod.

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Images courtesy of Ocean Builders