It’s common for us to think that the upmarket crowd has it easy. When you have the resources the spare and price is not an issue, the possibilities might seem endless. While that may be true, there are some minor challenges that crop along the way. For example, when the need to spruce up your lavish home arises. Unless the items scream luxury, it just won’t do. Thankfully, outfits like Sean Woolsey Studio exists and their Pong Springs is one classy item.

According to Sean Woolsey Studio, “celebrating our 10th anniversary in business we created an all-new ping pong table that is refined and in keeping with our extremely high standards of timeless and meticulously crafted design. The inspiration came from the relaxed vibes of Palm Springs mixed with its mid-century design aesthetic.”

That team presents the Pong Springs in a beautiful hand-selected solid American black walnut wood for the playing surface. Next are the outer edges, which Sean Woolsey Studio lines with maple. Then there’s the net which is aged browned leather and cane that matches the overall colorway of the ping pong table. Supporting the table is a solid steel frame with a powder-coating treatment to make it even more durable.

The elegant Pong Springs table can easily double as a dining or conference table that can seat up 10 people. If you want something that would look uniform with the table, Sean Woolsey Studio offers optional benches. Each order will ship with a pair of walnut paddles, 3 star balls, and a wall rack to hold everything. Of course, it is ITTF regulation size and normally requires a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks.

Buy – $11,500

Images courtesy of Sean Woolsey Studio