What comes to mind when you talk about Norway? Nature lovers recognize it for majestic fjords, beautiful lakes, and eco-friendly initiatives. Some may also recognize the Land of the Midnight Sun for its robust ocean farming industry. As a tribute to the country’s success in aquaculture, a new attraction will soon rise (or float) dubbed the Salmon Eye.

The concept behind this fascinating project comes from Kvorning Design & Communication. People who regularly drop by the Hardangerfjord for its hiking and biking trails may also want to visit the Salmon Eye when it opens. As of this writing, the estimated completion date is still up in the air.

Nonetheless, work is apparently already underway. True to what it will stand (float) for, the structure will be located in the middle of a commercial fishing area. Its construction will involve the use of pontoons that connect to a glistening elliptical structure.

There will be spacious walkways outside to receive visitors who will arrive by boat. There’s no way to reach it by land. So, get your sea legs ready before you make the trip by catamaran or other smaller ferries. A defining feature of the Salmon Eye is the hexagonal scales that clad its walls.

Approximately, 9,500 high-grade stainless-steel pieces form the honeycomb pattern on the exterior. Inside, guests can interact with a variety of exhibits. Multiple projectors light up the walls with images and videos that showcase interesting stuff about fish farming. There are stairs and ramps that lead up to the rooftop terrace.

“The implementation of such a project requires the highest level of commitment from each of the participants involved, as nothing remotely similar we haven’t constructed before,” says Fjodor Kvitš – a board member of Marketex Marine – about the Salmon Eye.

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Images courtesy of Salmon Eye