The demand for luxury vessels is not limited to certain countries only as shipyards cater to a huge list of international clients. In some scenarios, shipbuilding firms can form strategic partnerships to accomplish something appealing to discerning tastes. For instance, the Sagasu is a sleek motoryacht designed by parties based in Italy and Hong Kong.

Reports confirm Hydro Tec and ISEO Yachting as the groups behind this 157-foot tribute to exploration. We also learned that the name of the concept is Japanese for “to search” and is exactly what the yacht is envisioned for. It’s nothing out of the ordinary given the rich can customize everything during the planning phase anyway.

However, the Sagasu appears to embody a global motif with distinct hints of Asian elements. This is intentional as both companies intended to establish a strong foothold in the regional market. At a glance, the exterior touts the typical sporty and clean silhouette to convey a dynamic theme. Basically, the vessel looks like it’s always in motion.

Elsewhere, there is plenty to admire about the lavish interior volumes of this below-500 GT ship. Generous distribution of glazing across all decks provide guests with unhindered views of the water and whatever’s on the horizon. Sources also highlight the aft beach club with its fold-out terraces, infinity pool, and al-fresco dining space.

Meanwhile, owners can enjoy a curated suite with a large private terrace, a lounge, a Jacuzzi, and an additional bathroom. Guest accommodations are located in the upper decks, while the crew are housed in the lower deck cabins. The Sagasu features a garage at the bow that can store two tenders.

They have yet to figure out the appropriate propulsion system and the construction details. Should a client require their ship to navigate in ice-filled waters, the Sagasu’s hull needs to be reinforced, while the engine’s output should be no lower than 10,000 horsepower. “Having gone through the same process, a client would when designing their own yacht was an unbelievable experience,” stated ISEO Yachting cofounder Adam Blackmore.

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Images courtesy of ISEO Yachting/Hydro Tec