For watch collectors, it’s no secret that Richard Mille produces some of the most striking pieces. Fans of angular form factors can never go wrong with the brand as it offers a sizable catalog that matches the profile. Another aspect that we find fascinating with its timepieces is an attractive mix of materials and colors. This apparently helps its stand out from other luxury-tier examples. Its latest model – the RM 020 – will likely surprise its discerning clientele thanks to what it represents.

Occasionally, watchmakers love to pay tribute to interesting innovations or vintage foundations. Richard Mille seems to be going for a retrofuturistic motif when the RM 020 as it explores a unique approach. Way before people wristwatches became a trend, the classiest of folk relied on pocket watches to keep track of the time.

If you have always wanted one, there are hardly any choices that boast modern elements. Perhaps the manufacturer understands this and is ready to bridge the gap. Thus, the RM 020 appears to pack all the good stuff into a beautiful case that even comes with a fancy display stand. Meanwhile, the titanium chain secures everything in place while it’s in use.

True to its essence, the RM 020 features a manual winding mechanism with a function indicator. This informs the user if the crown is set for winding, setting the time, or in neutral. The 10-day power reserve offers peace of mind in addition to the highly visible indicator in between the 9 and 10 o’clock position. Richard Mille never ceases to disappoint whenever it introduces something new.

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Images courtesy of Richard Mille