Cannaseur One Cannabis Storage Box 1

We like to occasionally indulge in smoking a bit of fine ganja here at MensGear, so when we were offered to review the Cannaseur One Cannabis Storage Box ($220+), we said yes, please! It was time to ditch the Ziploc bags and the glass jars, and upgrade to a proper marijuana chest.

Handmade in Germany, these premium containers are made of sustainably grown walnut or mahogany, and arrive in different models: with two weed glass jars, single jar & accessory box, with or without a lock. Each box provides protection form air and light, has a mahogany interior, and uses a patented humidity-regulating technology, called Micropore Core (you’ll need to fill it up with water every 2 weeks). There’s also a hygrometer, letting you know the moisture level stays at an optimal 60 %, for preserved flavor and consistency of your cannabis.

The model we received is the Walnut Cannaseur with one jar (holds up to 25 g) and one equipment box, which is perfect for holding smoking gear, like a grinder, small glass pipe, papers or more weed. This chest is extremely well made (weighs in at 3 kilos (6.6 lbs)), looks stylish & discrete, and feels very pleasant to the touch. The best part? When you open the lid and the light scent of mahogany wood combined with the strong smell of fresh buds hits the nose, inviting to a time of relaxation.

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