The 2023 State of Nausea Study recently revealed that more than three-quarters of Americans are prevented from enjoying life as a result of regular nausea. Are you one of the many who regularly suffer from nausea? If so, have you seen a specialist to rule out any underlying problems that may cause it? For individuals who are generally healthy, the sensation of queasiness can be brought about by several factors. Among those listed by studies include  motion sickness, anxiety, morning sickness, medication, and more including nausea caused by VR headsets and video gaming also known as “simulator sickness.” Thankfully, we have companies like Reliefband that offer cutting-edge alternatives like their new Flex wearable.

These days, people often rely on over-the-counter or prescription antiemetics to address the issue. However, we all know that drugs can have undesirable effects from long-term usage. Reliefband understands the need for an innovative solution and thus came up with a wearable that keeps nausea symptoms at bay. The Flex is the latest model to join the lineup previously comprised of the Classic, Sport, and Premier. How does it stack up against the rest? Let’s find out!

How Does It Work?

If we told you there is a gadget out there that can immediately relieve nausea brought about by anxiety, motion sickness, medication, hangovers, morning sickness, and others, would you believe us? Since antiemetics typically take a while to work their magic, it makes us wonder if there is a better alternative. Surprisingly, after scouring the internet, we were reading positive feedback from folks who’ve tried products from Reliefband.

The Flex is the freshest face in their growing catalog, but it functions the same way as its predecessors. It’s amazing how they were able to package everything into something discreet that you slap on your wrist like a smartwatch. It may look like one, but the device generates a proprietary electric pulse that targets a part of our brains responsible for nausea symptoms.

“The signals have a rebalancing effect, normalizing nerve messages from the brain to the stomach and reducing symptoms of nausea, retching and vomiting,” reads the FAQs section. According to Reliefband, the technology behind their wearables is cleared by the FDA. Moreover, clinical tests have verified its claims.

In fact, an overwhelming number of user reviews have lauded how the company’s products have helped them overcome nausea, which can be debilitating in some cases. If you’re not sure what unit to go for, take the online quiz to learn about the ideal model for your needs. Given that most of us here at the office own smartwatches, the Flex was exactly the perfect choice.

Design And Features

At a glance, the Reliefband Flex appears like a sleek pendant with lugs to hold the included strap. The underside of the device features a pair of electrodes which need to be positioned on the underside of your wrist. The proper location is between the two tendons about two finger widths away from the crease just before the palm.

A tube of hypoallergenic conductivity gel is supplied in the box, and you just need to apply a pea-sized drop which must be then spread around to about the size of a small coin. This allows the electric pulses to work more effectively and aids in comfort. Depending on the intensity level selected, you could feel a tingling sensation.

Unlike its rechargeable siblings, the Flex is powered by a replaceable battery. Depending on how often the therapy sessions are, it can remain functional for more than 350 hours before a fresh one needs to be swapped in. Take note the device is only water-resistant and can handle a splash from handwashing or maybe light rain here and there, but not full submersion. Users who enjoy an active lifestyle should pick the Reliefband Sport instead.

For those who prefer to keep their existing wearable on one wrist but want to also suppress their nausea, the Flex will work with the optional Smartwatch Band Attachment strap. It is available in black and gray colorways with regular or XL sizes. Don’t forget to select between Apple and Samsung versions to ensure proper compatibility.

Our Takeaway

It’s remarkable how technology has advanced over the years. Furthermore, the fact that the Flex and other models can provide almost instantaneous relief from nausea is fascinating. Who would have expected that the future would deliver a wearable device that is poised as a viable drug-free treatment?

It will take time to truly wrap your head around as to how controlled electric pulses can alleviate the undesirable effects of nausea. All we know is that the manufacturer knows exactly what can help. Keep the Flex handy on your wrist with your favorite smartwatch. Also, don’t forget to stock up on the conductivity gel.

Reliefband offers free shipping on orders above $50. Don’t hesitate to give the Flex a try as it is backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee. Finally, we highly recommend that you take the online quiz as it unlocks a 24-hour discount code to save on your purchase.

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